The Book: Forever My Daddy

Dr. Joyner has written a book based on his experiences called, Forever My Daddy


This book is written and dedicated to his children whom he has been kept away from in the form of parental alienation syndrome. This book has become a sense of therapy for Dr. Joyner, and a catalyst for implementing positive changes and perceptions in our society and justice system in order to promote the importance of fathers within a family structure. Dr. Joyner hopes that through his own story and lessons learned, he will help other fathers find their voice and renew their courage to overcome the obstacles to fuller participation in the lives of their own children.

Chapter One: Courtship and Premarital Lessons

Chapter Two: Fatherhood Lessons

Chapter Three: Courtroom Lessons

Chapter Four: Financial Lessons

Chapter Five: School Lessons

Chapter Six: Grandparent and Family Lessons

Chapter Seven: Health Lessons

Chapter Eight: Child Support Lessons

Chapter Nine: Post-Marital Lessons

Chapter Ten: Scheduling Lessons

Conclusion - Small Victories

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